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​World Games


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​​    The World Police and Fire Games (WPFG), is now the largest international sporting event in the WORLD, surpassing the famed Summer Olympics. Countries from all over the world meet every two years to compete in over 60 events.  The games attract more and more athletes each time they are held.  With a wide variety of disciplines available to participate in, the WPFG offers unrivaled display of amateur athletic performance.
    Every other year since 1985, the World Federation has been staging this one-of-a-kind event.
    This international rendezvous highlights the cultural uniqueness of the host country and the ethnic diversity of the participating athletes.  Representatives from police and fire professions take part in the Games with a single goal - surpassing themselves in the spirit of sport!
    The symbolic torch of these Games burns even brighter thanks to the warm and friendly spirit of camaraderie that prevails.
   The OPFAA as a team has competed in Barcelona in 2003, Quebec in 2005,  Australia in 2007, British Columbia in 2009, New York City 2011, Belfast, Ireland 2013, Fairfax County, USA,  2015, Los Angelas, USA 2017 and now we are looking forward to Chendu China, 2019, and Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2021 and Canada in 2023. 
     Our athletes have brought, gold, silver and bronze medals back to Oklahoma many times.    
    Click on the link www.chendu2019wpfg.com to find out more about the Games and the sports that are available to participate in. Check out the fundraising tabs to see how you can help.  We would love to have you on our team.
                                                                                                Jason R. Smith
                                                                                                (pres. of OPFAA)